Revolutionary Industrial Detergent

Tergentine HD is a next generation, ecologically safe, universal industrial detergent for cleaning any surface from contamination.

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Tergentine HD

gets the job done

Tergentine HD can replace industrial detergents that use toxic hazardous solvents made from oil products, alcohols, trichlorethyls, caustic alkali compositions and acids used for cleaning in-process washing components and assembly units. Tergentine HD can also be utilized to increase adhesion before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and other protective coatings.

  • Protects the surface of washed parts from corrosion for up to 1,000 hours
  • Washes and degreases workshop floors of soot, grime, oil & grease stains
  • Washes & remediates land polluted with oil and oil products from leaks and spills
  • Cleans laboratory glassware with the highest rate of washability and cleanliness


Specially formulated for the following industries

Oil & Gas

Machine Building



cistern cleaning

Industrial Kitchen


Public Utilities

Tergentine HD is Designed for

  • Washing and degreasing metal surfaces from fat and hydrocarbon compounds after mechanical restoration, before painting and galvanizing before repair and fault detection
  • Separating hydrocarbons from aqueous media (as an oil displacement agent) for washing, desalting and soil remediation
  • Flushing sewage systems and domestic sewage, in order to reduce the concentration of harmful substances
  • Neutralizing odors from organic materials
  • Disinfecting medical and food production equipment
  • Degreasing of skin, fur and feathers
  • Flushing operations, degreasing and passivation (protection against corrosion) of metal and painted surfaces from oil and oil products