Tergentine HD benefits

Ecologically Safe, Non-toxic Universal Industrial Detergent

Tergentine HD

gets the job done

Tergentine HD is a next generation, eco-friendly industrial cleaner that can be used to remove contamination from any surface without causing damage.

It can be used to replace traditional industrial detergents that use solvents on the basis of oil products, alcohols, trichlorethyls, caustic alkali compositions and acids, traditionally used for in-process washing and cleaning of components and assembly units before  applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and other protective coating.

Tergentine HD is a biodegradable, fire & flame proof universal cleaner designed to remove fat and oil contamination. It can be used before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel, and other protective coatings.

It is safe to use on ferrous and nonferrous metals, glass and polymers, industrial rubber components used in the machine building industry, cisterns, electrical engineering, electronics and food industries.

Usage Applications

  • Washing and degreasing fat and hydrocarbon from metal surfaces after mechanical restoration, before painting and galvanizing before repair and fault detection
  • Cleaning of soot, grime & graffiti from buildings, facades, pavements, and lawns
  • Washing of cisterns and tanks from bitumen, oil, light oil products and other contaminants with high viscosity
  • Flushing sewage systems and domestic sewage, in order to reduce the concentration of harmful substances
  • Neutralizing odors from organic materials
  • Flushing operations, degreasing and passivation (protection against corrosion) of metal and painted surfaces from oil and oil products
  • Removing soot, boiler deposits, salt residues, and polishing pastes from cooling and heating systems
  • To separate hydrocarbons from aqueous media (as an oil displacement agent) for washing, desalting and soil remediation
  • Disinfecting medical and food production equipment
  • Degreasing of skin, fur and feathers


Specially formulated for the following industries

Oil & Gas

Machine Building



cistern cleaning

Industrial Kitchen


Public Utilities