Revolutionary Technology

Tergentine HD brings disruptive technology to the industrial detergent market by using proprietary cross-linked polymerization

Tergentine HD is an ecologically safe, universal industrial detergent & degreaser. Its unique formula removes the formation of fat emulsions and component corrosion after washing, degreases and passivates (protects from corrosion) metal surfaces.Tergentine  HD is not a solvent – its work principle is based on selective effect on long chains of hydrocarbon compounds that provides removal of organic pollutants (oil products) from metal, rubber and leather surfaces which are cleaned without any damage.

It serves as an active demulsifier (does not form homogeneous emulsion) that lowers hydrocarbon compounds’ (oil products) concentration in washing solution due to their displacement on the surface. Tergentine HD is 100% soluble in water, non-combustible, non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic, and totally biodegradable. It does not cause damage to biological sewage purification facilities.


  • Environmentally friendly universal flushing technical degreaser
  • Does not require special conditions of storage, transportation and disposal
  • Biodegradable
  • Not toxic, not carcinogenic, not abrasive
  • Does not have an oxidizing effect on the non-ferrous metals and alloys
  • Does not contain chlorine components
  • Has pronounced demulsifying properties (does not create a homogeneous emulsion)
  • Softener, anti-static and anti-corrosive
  • Does not leave streaks when cleaning optics and glasses
  • Has a long term working solution

When to use

Specially formulated to clean the toughest jobs without causing damage



  • Before painting and galvanic treatment on the surface of any metals
  • Prior to inspection and repair (where chemical etching is not required)
  • After machining new parts without traces of corrosion and deposits of salt
  • For cleaning and degreasing “gentle” polymer coatings
  • Washing and degreasing cleaner, ultralight metals
  • Washing and degreasing of anodized aluminum, without disturbing the coating
  • Cleaning the surface of polishing paste after polishing


To prepare a Tergentine HD solution:

  • Use 50 L of Water
  • Add 1 liter of Tergentine HD

Typical concentration – 0.25% to 5% for degreasing before plating, powder spraying, fault detection, and aggregate assembly. Concentration can be reduced depending on surface area.


Tergentine HD is a biodegradable,  fire and flame proof compound classified as Grade 4 marginally hazardous substances (aqueous working solution with 0.25% – 5% concentration, рН = 9,0 – 9,2).

Tergentine HD can be shipped by any transport means. Tergentine HD must be stored in vacuum-packed plastic containers at storage facilities. Tergentine HD is non-toxic, fire and explosion safe and stable in any storage conditions.

Tergentine HD’s storage life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Tergentine HD detergent is produced as a solvent in the form of aconserved amorphous mixture of non-ionogenic surface-active substances, inorganic salts and other specialized additives. Hydrogen exponent is рН = 9,0. Free alkali content in terms of water NaOH may be from 0.07 –  0.1 % of mechanical admixtures.